Lincoln Police Officer Falsely Accused of Buying Anabolic Steroids Considers Lawsuit

Two police officers in Nebraska have finally been vindicated after winning a lawsuit against the police department that they worked for come all over false accusations that they had been purchasing illegal anabolic steroids.

This particular case had quite a few twists and turns, and it was surprising to the general public in the area that the entire investigation kicked off after the Lincoln police chief (the boss of these two officers) filed the original complaint.

Two Lincoln police officers vindicated after being falsely accused of buying steroids

According to most accounts, both of these officers were fine upstanding members of the police force and the community, as well as very active bodybuilders and then that took their fitness seriously.

lincoln police patrol carIn September 2015, however, one of the police officers involved was served a search warrant that was immediately executed on his home – and even though he requested access to a police union attorney before anything happened, he was denied this right.


The Lincoln Police Department (working with the new codecs unit, the US attorney’s office, and the DEA) and were able to come away with a single bottle with the word “Anabol” on the label, and that was the foundation that they built their entire case around.

Little did they know that this case was built on the shakiest foundation of them all, and that they were going to be roundly embarrassed when this case went to court.

DEA Agents made a mistake

You see, the DEA agents that seized this bottle believed that the word “Anabol” on the label referred to anabolic steroids, probably the most popular illegal steroids on the planet. The drug is both illegal to purchase and to possess in the United States, and carries with it significant penalties.

However, what these DEA agents were unaware of (surprising, considering their position and their career) was that this word is also used to refer to dietary supplements that do not include anabolic steroids, dietary supplements that are available at every GNC store in the US!

Even though the Lincoln Police Department officer whose home was searched make sure to notify the DEA agents and his superiors about the legal and nonsteroidal dietary supplement, he was rebuffed and placed on administrative leave during the investigation.

This mistake sealed the loss for the department completely, and pending litigation is still ongoing for the second police officer that wants to also sue the city and the police chief responsible for initiating this witch hunt in the first place.

The officers are going to be reinstated to their positions

According to information publicly available, the chief of police conducted an investigation that determine neither police officer committed a crime command this investigation was followed up by one conducted by Internal Affairs which determined that there was no sufficient evidence to prove that the officers committed attacks on becoming an officer of the law.

No charges were filed and both officers have been reinstated to their position. It’s impossible to know exactly what kinds of ramifications they are going to experience as far as impacts on their professional career are concerned, but it is nice to know that the wheels of justice worked in favor of these unfairly accused police officers and that they were able to receive some kind of compensation for the overzealousness of this department.

The DEA is and should be embarrassed by their activities, but the police chief who accused these men underneath him of wrongdoing – and then ignored the evidence that they provided to the contrary – is the one that should be most embarrassed about the situation.


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